Friedhelm Loh Group
School students

Internship Highlights:
Unleash your career goals!

We want you to reach your personal goals. So we offer optimum encouragement and support during your vocational training.

Different industries with different companies

Infinite possibilities! The great range of industries across our companies will give you great insight into the different markets. And you can enjoy a varied internship program.

Practical in-house training

Products, departments, company-specific processes – get to know our companies! Staff from different departments and areas show you how they work to make sure that you gain new and practical insights in addition to the theory taught in the classroom.

Training workshop

In a training workshop you will be taught practical, technical information, and you'll assist in production to complete orders. It is here that you gain the knowledge you will turn into (production) practice at a later stage.

Learning islands

Discover and implement new methods! You take part in pilot projects to practise processes and find new ways of troubleshooting.

Companies within the company

In "Big Little Rittal" and "Ri2Youth" Rittal provides two compelling concepts of practical vocational training. This is where you purchase your own office supplies and manufacture your own products which you then sell within the Friedhelm Loh Group. Enjoy learning by doing!

Two-day workshop for interns

During an "off-the-job" workshop for 2nd year interns you will not only learn the importance of teamwork, but also put teamwork into practice. During the workshop you will work on projects independently, and present the results to Friedhelm Loh Group executives. Attractive prizes are waiting for the winners! Your commitment will pay off.

Representing your company

As vocational trainee you represent your company in public, and you can promote your profession during vocational education fairs and in schools. As a partner of the TecToYou initiative, we have been represented at the Hannover Trade Fair for a number of years.

Seminars for interns in our own training and development institute

Our internal institute for training and development, Loh Academy, offers seminars designed for interns. And we will be there to support you when you prepare for your exams!

International work experience for interns

If you display above average performance as an intern, you might get the opportunity to work abroad. For example, a number of our industrial/technical interns visited locations across the globe (such as USA, England, and China) to help deliver new machines and know-how.

Career option StudiumPlus

Finishing your internship with a good result will give you the chance to participate in the StudiumPlus program, and the knowledge gained during your internship will give you a head-start for a practical study course.